Ux Re-Design. Kingston SD Lock function.

So I saw this and got confused.

What is the locked mode? With the yellow switch up or down? Up next to the word or down to where the arrow like thing points? Or is it comparable to a volume icon? Do you increase the ‘lockness’ by turning it up? Tests proved me the down position is in fact the lock position.

Let me ask you this… what’s the lock state in the next picture?

I only left one item out and ended the doubt. Unfortunately it’s wrong. This is the main reason for the┬áindecipherable design.

You might try and solve it with a better arrow.

But this doesn’t solve the fact that the word is in the wrong place.

So we just change the position of the word. Problem solved.

But we can make it better. Can’t we?

We can… This even solves the language barrier.

First thing pops in your mind? We might do without the unlocked icon? Well no… when you have both it makes it even more clear. And there’s nothing wrong with that… That being said. Only the locked icon would still be better than the original design. ­čśÇ


End rant.