Temp website – DJ Bruce Botnik – CSS HTML

My Good friend DJ Bruce Botnik was in need of a website.

That’s all the briefing said.

Fortunately I know him and his preferred aesthetic.
I wanted to get something up asap while i work on the main site.
So I asked myself. What is the purpose of this website?

  • Give some info about Bruce Botnik
  • Connect people that find him on Social Media or Music Platforms to the other Social media/platforms.

There’s no straight commercial vibe about this website because that’s not the kind of person or DJ he is.

The main focus here is giving people the chance to get to know DJ Bruce Botnik better in terms of music and style.


Since this website is so basic and only exists from pictures and text it’s extremely responsive.

The Client is very happy with the outcome and want’s me to design the ‘real website’ in the same way.

For the next website I’ll be adding a calendar for past and upcoming gigs. I’ll also add some pages with strictly music/pictures/videos.