– CSS, HTML tweaken

This website is a wordpress template. It’s the ‘Screen’ template from

I tweaked it by adding the Blue on the homescreen via CSS.

I accomplished this by placing a multiply effect on the image and putting a blue background on the image div.



Also I added a title to the images in the overview section and a shadow.

The shadow is part of a hoover effect. It’s all CSS3. When you hover over it the image drops a little and the shadow get’s darker and less blurred so it has a effect of the image dropping/hoovering closer to the ‘ground’.

All done by CSS and the slight HTML title.

Had to fix the Blog part. Just needed some better margins and a float.

Nothing crazy here.


I love the end result and am very happy with the way I made it my own. Particularly proud I can change the blue to any color I want in an instant by changing some color codes in the CSS.